11 Real Life People Who Hated The Movie Version Of Themselves

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Who would have guessed that having a movie produced about you would be the worst compliment in the world? Sure, we all enjoy a good dream now and then, but nothing beats witnessing the truth, or at least what we assume to be the truth…

For a variety of reasons, writing and producing a biographical movie can be challenging. Isn’t it true that filmmakers are obligated to entertain audiences? Isn’t that what the movie industry is all about? The more entertaining you are, the more money you will make. Other people’s lives aren’t always as exciting and captivating as some filmmakers would like them to be. As a result, fabricating incidents and tampering with the facts is a typical occurrence.

Although the audience may enjoy it at times, individuals who are the subject of the biopic frequently find themselves in a difficult situation. On the one hand, their tale has been told, but it has also been horribly misrepresented.

As a result, many individuals are enraged and disillusioned, pledging to boycott the movie whenever they have the opportunity.

11. Julian Assange, Fifth Estate

Everyone has an opinion on whether Julian Assange, the whistleblower, is a good guy or an evil mastermind straight out of a James Bond movie. As a result, making a movie about him was always going to be challenging, but that didn’t stop DreamWorks Pictures from doing it.

Kudos to Benedict Cumberbatch, who embodied the equally odd-looking Assange and delivered a respectable portrayal. Unfortunately, Julian Assange was not impressed, calling the movie a “huge propaganda campaign.”

The worst part, according to Assange, was that no one, even the actor playing him, had the decency to approach him about the truth. Assange went on to call the movie “fiction masquerading as fact” and “a project that vilifies and marginalizes a living political refugee for the advantage of an entrenched, corrupt, and deadly regime,” among other things.

Wikileaks, as one might assume, despised the idea of a Hollywood-produced Assange biopic and managed to obtain a copy of the script before it was released. What did they do with it, exactly? Of course, it was leaked!

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