18 Most Hated Video Game Characters Ever

by Gamingstry

As any gamer will tell you, characters are very important in video games, and without some interesting characters in every game, it wouldn’t make very much sense at all. Whether the beloved ones or the most hated video game characters.

Lara Croft, Mario, Commander Shepard, Nathan Drake, Arthur Morgan, Joel, and Ellie… There is no shortage of beloved and iconic characters in video games that have made their way into the annals of pop culture, and many of them have exceptional sympathy and popularity. We play as them, care about them, and want them to succeed because they’re instantly engaging and have enough appeal to launch franchise power. They are the heroes we live vicariously through as they face increasingly overwhelming odds and heinous foes.

Inevitably, on the other side of the coin, where annoying characters who deserve to be despised ruin what could have been great video games. Sometimes a character is so unbearably annoying that their mere presence is unbearable. Or perhaps they may be an enemy that is so infuriatingly impossible to beat that you lose confidence and begin to second-guess your life choices. Of course, it may be as easy as bad characterization or writing. Unfortunately, the number of hateable characters in video games has no bounds, and while each player will certainly have their favorites, but there is unquestionably a Hall Of Hate. These are the worst of the worst, the ones you can’t help but hate with all your might, these are the most heinous, gross, and just plain detestable video game characters of all time.

This list is created based on my own opinion, and if you have your own most-hated group of characters you can mention them in the comments. For this one and only time, we exceptionally encourage you to hate, but only virtual heroes!

18. Dog – Duck Hunt

The Duck Hunt Dog is widely regarded as one of the first truly hated video game characters. On the surface, he seems to live up to man’s best friend’s standards. He jumps right in and gladly catches any ducks you drop, assisting you in your goal of slaughtering as many innocent ducks as possible. That’s some good old-fashioned family fun.

But when you fail, he becomes intolerable. Missing the targets brings out the worst in him, like a trigger-happy middle manager. Duck Hunt Dog seems to exist solely to make fun of your ineptness at the moment. It’s made worse by the fact that he’s meant to be on your side.

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